Promotion Video "List" (English ,日本語, Español)

English "Video List"

日本語 "説明動画リスト"

Español "Lista de videos"

Down Load Here! ダウンロード!

Down Load Here! ダウンロード!

Free version released!!

 Free version released!!

We finally developed free version now!

— Premium Features—

◉ One-handed mode

◉ Change color as many times as you want

◉ Change the color automatically

◉ Drag and drop the "Memo" button for easy calculation.

◉ Drag-and-drop the "%" button to easily change the value to include tax.

◉ Two memo function

— free Features —

◉ You can change the colors after see the reward ads

◉ Share your screenshot easily

◉ Many styles to choose

◉ Easy to read numbers

◉ Easy to press buttons

◉ Easy one memo function

◉ iPad compatible!

◉ Swipe right to correct.

◉ Swipe left to correct a single number.

◉ Change button color from black ⇄ white.

◉ Switch between "+", "-", "×", "÷" as many times as you like even if you make a mistake

download Here!